My name is Cybèle (like seaBELL) and I'm a freelance illustrator specializing in vector-based artworks with a foundation in a traditional drawing and painting practice. Using a digital approach, I aim for a relaxed feel with the loose, free-flowing linework I enjoy from ink drawing. The inspiration for my work comes from the global experiences of my third culture kid upbringing and my love of nature, travel, books, and fashion.
When I began to draw digitally, I gravitated towards vectors, whose hard edges and flat colors most closely resembled my favored mediums of ink and gouache. I have embraced vectors for having a digitally authentic look - an instantly recognizable medium in its own right. As technology has progressed, I am able to show my hand more, with the same easy flow as drawing with a brush, allowing for interesting new stylistic adaptions. I like to use seamless patterns to create textures and create a contrast to flat areas. I have a global client list including; Tim Hortons (Canada), Beyoncé (USA), Oxford Publishing (UK), Fuzzy Control (Japan), Elle (Korea), Burde Förlags AB (Sweden), Dolly (Australia), and others.
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